Taleggio POD

– The “King” of Valsassina with 1000 years of history –
  Already known in the tenth century, Taleggio is a soft PDO cheese produced with whole cow’s milk. We refine it with care and passion in Pasturo, in the heart of Valsassina, which has the ideal micro-climate to bring out its refined qualities. The aroma is intense, deep and persistent with a captivating delicious creaminess. The delicate and buttery flavour acquires slightly spicy notes with aging. The PDO trademark guarantees the origin of the milk, the characteristics of the preparation and the areas for maturing, and is awarded only to companies that respect the strict production regulations by the Consortium for the Protection of Taleggio.

The Cheesemaker’s Recommendations

Are you looking for a unique and delicate flavour? Taleggio PDO Stella Alpina is characterised by a short maturing time that allows it to preserve the nuances of flavour in a mild but evocative taste.