Goat’s Cheese


Goat cheeses bring with them the particular, intense and unmistakable taste of goat’s milk.
Light, tasty and very varied, they are able to conquer every palate. In fact, the different processes lead to the obtaining from the same milk products soft pastaproducts with short seasoning and hard pasta-products with long seasoning.
Discover our goat cheeses now, from ricotta to stracchino, from the capriziola to the tomina to the seasoned quader de cavra.

The Cheesemaker’s Recommendations

If you are looking for a light and delicate flavor you can opt for our goat’s cottage cheese or Caprissima goat,
while we recommend Capricciolo if you prefer very aromatic cheeses.
If you are a lover of the most decisive flavors, be amazed by the Toma di Capra or the Holy Caprino, with its consistency reminiscent of that of the grain!

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